Skilled worker Visa Requirements in the UK

The UK Skilled Worker visa scheme is designed to bring in skilled overseas workers into the UK labour market and who then subsequently can qualify for permanent residence after five years of living in the UK. The overseas Skilled Worker must have been offered a position in a UK company that holds a sponsorship licence. The skilled worker visa substituted and replaced the Tier 2 (General) Visa, also known as a work permit. 

The scheme is based on points and overseas workers need to accumulate 70 points to qualify for the visa.

  • There are 50 points attributed to all skilled migrants which are as follows:
    • English speaking at the required level (10 points)
    • Job offer from an approved sponsor (20 points)
    • Relevant skill level for the applied job (20 points)
  • If the job offers a salary of at least £25,600 per year/at the going rate (whichever is higher), the applicant will accrue another 20 points to reach the required 70 points. (20 points)

Skill requirements

Any job offered to an overseas worker will need to be at a required skill level of RQF3 or above (this is comparable to A-levels).  The skill level of the job the overseas worker is performing will determine whether the threshold is met.

Level of English Language

An applicant must have passed the English language to at least CEFR Level B1 (equivalent to IELTS 4.0.

Skilled Worker Visa Certificate of Sponsorship

A person needs to be issued a certificate of Sponsorship by a licenced sponsor (Employer) Certificate of Sponsorship must include certain mandatory information:

  • details of your name, job and salary;
  • a start date which is no more than 3 months after the date your Skilled Worker visa application;
  • confirmation that the Certificate of Sponsorship has not been used in a previous application which was either granted or refused and has not been withdrawn by the sponsor or cancelled by the Home Office;

Skilled worker visa Application fees

  • £610 per person for an application of up to three years if applying from outside the UK, longer than three years attracts a greater fee. 
  • £704 if the Applicant applies from within the UK up to three years of visa. Our fees can be viewed on the next page.

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Tradable points and Required Documents

Tradeable Points

One needs to note that The tradeable points enable the applicant to reach the 70-point threshold without necessarily having a salary of at least £25,600.

Tradable points work in the following ways:

  • A salary of at least £20,480 to £23,039 or at least 80% of the going rate for the profession (whichever is highest): 0 points
  • A salary of at least £23,040 to £25,599 or at least 90% of the going rate for the profession (whichever is highest): 10 points
  • A salary of £25,600 or above or at least the going rate for the profession (whichever is highest): 20 points
  • Job in a shortage occupation: 10 points
  • PhD in a subject relevant to the job: 10 points
  • PhD in a STEM subject relevant to the job: 20 points

 the salary requirements and rules are different for jobs in healthcare and education.

Required Documents 

    • A valid passport
    • A certificate of Sponsorship (CoS), which is issued by the employer
    • The job offer must require a skill level at or above RQF3 (A level equivalent)
    • Evidence of meeting the required level of English language skills
    • Evidence that the candidate meets the maintenance requirement, either by showing evidence of their savings or an undertaking from their employer
    • TB test, if applicable

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