We understand that when it comes to securing your first visa, applying to extend your stay in the UK, obtaining British Citizenship, or challenging a refusal decision it can be a very stressful time. We, therefore, aim to offer you a transparent fee structure from the outset to ensure there is one less thing for you to worry about.


How much will it cost?

Our costs will vary on a case to case basis but we will seek to offer a fixed fee. (Grade D fee earner (Paralegal/Trainee) to £1,500 (Grade A fee earner (Director/Solicitors 8 years plus qualification).
Below you will find a list of the average range of costs for the areas which we cover Excluding VAT (20%) and disbursements:

Entry Clearance Visas:

  • Standard and Multiple visit visa: £1000 – £2000
  • Spouse settlement visa:  £1000 – £2000
  • Children Settlement visa: £1000 – £2000
  • Elder Dependant family members visa: £1500 – £2500
  • Tier-1 Entrepreneur visa: £1500 – £6000
  • Tier-1 Investor visa: £2000 – 8000
  • Tier-2 work permit visa: £1500 – £3000
  • Tier-4 Student Visa: £1000 – £1700
  • The sole representative of overseas business: £2000- £4000

Leave to Remain Application from Inside the UK:

  • Spouse Settlement: £1000 – £2000
  • Spouse Settlement Extension: £1000 -£2000
  • Children initial application £1000 – £2000
  • Elder family member Initial application: £1500 – £3000
  • Extension Of Children and elder family members: £1000 – £2000
  • Family & private life based initial application under the Immigration Rules: £1500 – £3000
  • Extension of family and Private life-based application: £1000 – £2000

Extension Of Point-Based Applications

  • Tier I Entrepreneur, switching: £2000 – £8000
  • Tier I Dependents £700 – £1500
  • Tier-2 (Work-permit): £1000 – £3000
  • Tier-4 student: £600 – £2000

EEA Applications

  • EEA National Pre-settlement: £500 – £1000
  • Non- EEC, National family members Of EEA nationals: £1000 -£2500
  • Settlement application: £1000 – £2000

Settlement/ ILR

  • Naturalisation Application: £500 -£1500
  • Registration Application: £500 -£1500


  • Initial appeal of Immigration First-tier Tribunal: £2000 –  £5000
  • Permission to appeal application: £500 – £1500
  • Applications for Secretary of State immigration bail: £1000 – £2000
  • Tribunal Bail: £1000-£2000

Complex cases cannot be dealt with in guideline fees. The nature of complexity can vary. You will be notified if a different fee applies prior to the commencement of the case.

Please enquire directly for our fees in relation to the other areas of Immigration work below if not included Here.

  • Asylum applications
  • Human rights / Private & Family life applications
  • Reconsideration and legacy requests
  • Sponsorship Declaration
  • General Power of Attorney
  • Other matters

What will be included?

Our costs in relation to an immigration application will typically include:

  • Meeting to discuss your circumstances and consider your options,
  • Taking instructions,
  • Advising on the relevant requirements for your application and assessing whether you are able to satisfy them,
  • Providing a list of suggested documents to support your application,
  • Considering and organising your documents,
  • Preparing the relevant application form;
  • Drafting detailed representations to support your application,
  • Arranging the submission of your application depending on your chosen route,
  • Corresponding with you with regard to any updates on your matter and discussing the outcome once received.


Factors likely to influence the costs of your application

  • Volume of documents
  • Any previous adverse immigration history
  • Whether it is necessary to correspond with any third parties

Our costs are for individual applications and if any dependents are to be included then additional fees may be incurred.

Not included in the fees quoted

Please note that our above mentioned fees do not include disbursements and the costs of challenging the decision in the event of a refusal.

VAT: Vat applies in cases where people already have Leave to Remain in the UK. This should be added to our figures at 20%. If you are making an initial application for Leave, in some cases such as an initial application for leave VAT may not be applicable.


Disbursements Not Included

Disbursements are costs related to your matter that are payable to third parties, such as Home Office application fees. We can handle the payment of the disbursements on your behalf to ensure a smoother process. Below you will find a list of the main disbursements you are likely to incur:

  • Home Office Application fees – Please refer to the following link to find the application fees specific to your case https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/visa-regulations-revised-table
  • Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) – The exact amount can be calculated using the following link: https://www.immigration-health-surcharge.service.gov.uk/checker/type
  • Biometric Enrolment fee – £19.20
  • UKVCAS  service fee price may vary depending on the availability of appointments and times.
    Where applicable, some further costs that you may incur include; courier charges, expert report fees, interpreter’s fees, translation fees and travel costs.


How long will it take?

We will usually aim to submit your application within 1-2 weeks of receiving your instructions and all of the supporting documents required, however, if your matter is particularly urgent, we can discuss an expedited turn-around time which meets your needs.

The time it will take to process your application, once submitted, will vary depending on the application which you make. The Home Office guide processing times for each category of application can be found at the following link but you should note that these time frames are not guaranteed.