Our fees are based on an hourly rate of the fee earner who is dealing with your matter or can be agreed on a fixed fee basis as below.


Level of Complexity Filing a claim or defending the claim Preliminary hearings Final hearings
Simple Complexity  From 600 + vat from 550 + vat From 800 + vat
Medium complexity  From 800 + vat from 700 + vat From1200 + vat
Complex cases  From 1000 + vat from 900 + vat From 1700 + vat

Hourly rates:

We have set out the hourly rates for lawyers at different levels.

The rates and fee estimates are exclusive of VAT and disbursements. Professional fees will be subject to VAT at 20% where this is applicable.

These rates are subject to annual review.

  • Senior Associates £220–£260
  • Associates: £170 – £220
  • Trainee Solicitors – £110 to £120
  • Paralegals- £110

Fees not included (Disbursements) 

Disbursements are costs related to your matter that are payable to third parties, such as court fees. We handle the payment of the disbursements on your behalf to ensure a smoother process. Barrister’s fees are estimated between £1,000 and £5,000 depending on the length of representation and can be higher (depending on the experience of the Barrister) for attending a Tribunal Hearing (including preparation)


Key stages

Some of those stages below may not be applicable and will be reflected on price

  • Taking your initial instructions, reviewing the papers and advising you on merits and likely compensation (this is likely to be revisited throughout the matter and subject to change)
  • Entering into pre-claim conciliation where this is mandatory to explore whether a settlement can be reached;
  • Preparing claim or response
  • Reviewing and advising on claim or response from other party
  • Exploring settlement and negotiating settlement throughout the process
  • Preparing or considering a schedule of loss
  • Preparing for (and attending) a Preliminary Hearing
  • Exchanging documents with the other party and agreeing a bundle of documents
  • Taking witness statements, drafting statements and agreeing their content with witnesses
  • Preparing bundle of documents
  • Reviewing and advising on the other party’s witness statements
  • Agreeing a list of issues, a chronology and/or cast list
  • Preparation and attendance at Final Hearing, including instructions to Counsel

Prices quoted are for representation throughout the full stage of proceedings up to a final hearing. Work would include the draft of initial pleadings, attendance at a preliminary hearing to discuss case management, dealing with the case management orders including; preparation of a schedule of loss; dealing with disclosure of documents/preparation of a bundle and drafting of witness statements. We would also instruct and liaise with a barrister for any final preparations before attending the final hearing.


Employment-related claims can take from one month to a year or longer depending on whether the agreement is reached at an early stage or proceeds to a final hearing. An accurate timescale will be provided at the time commencing a case.


L Immigration

我们经验丰富——在 LawLex,移民顾问多年来一直帮助人们来到英国并留在英国。


我们会倾听——我们知道每个人的移民案例都不同,没有一种解决方案适合所有人。 我们的移民顾问始终倾听您的情况,并会根据您的情况为您提供相应的指导。

我们会说多种语言——如果您不会说英语,我们会确保我们有可以翻译的人在场。 在 LawLex Solicitors,我们讲英语、格鲁吉亚语、俄语、乌尔都语、中文和波斯语。

我们知道每个法律问题都很困难,会导致精神压力。 我们 LawLex Solicitors 是独一无二的,这就是为什么我们仔细定制我们的建议以满足个人需求并努力为您确保最佳结果。 要与我们的法律团队成员交谈,请致电 0203 432 7706 或点击此处在线联系我们,我们会回电给您。